Estate Sales and Online Auctions Omaha

Some transitions can be very hard. Whether it is moving a family member into an assisting living center, or your loved one has passed on. There may be a lot of their possessions that you may need to get rid of and it can become very stressful. Our auction and estate sale professionals will take care of everything and make sure that your loved one’s possessions are sold or liquidated in a timely manner.

Golden Years Relocation in Omaha has your family’s best interest as we support and help coordinate the sale or auction of your loved one’s estate. We treat each item as they were our own, ensuring they’re sold at the best time. Our experts manage the process with efficiency and minimize any stress of planning an estate sale or auction.

Estate Sale/ Auction Services:

  • Fully manage estate sale or auctions
  • Appraise items
  • Clean and prepare the house for estate sale
  • Arrange for contractors for repairs or painting
  • Recycle and donate unwanted items
  • Ship items to family members
  • Trash/junk removal