An estate sale can be great to help downsize to a more fitting home for the later years in life. When considering holding one for you or yourself, there are a few key differences between an estate sale, a regular garage sale, and an online estate sale that you should be aware of before you commit one way or another.

What is An Estate Sale?

An estate sale is a service that a senior relocation company will usually provide in a list of services. An estate sale is a large sale of personal items, larger than that of a garage sale. This larger sale will generate a bigger amount of sales because of the larger quantity of items available. Also, everything will go in an estate sale as the owner is trying rid themselves of most of their belongings.

Why Do Some People Have Estate Sales?

People have estate sales in order to downsize from their large home that they do not require anymore. Many senior relocation companies recommend this process of downsizing. This is because you no longer have a lot of people to regularly take care of and that take residence in your home, so traversing the house can become its own hassle.

Should I Have an Online Estate Sale?

An online estate sale is conducted through an auction website. Your belongings and items will be listed with a price tag, similarly to the process of an in-person estate sale. Customers can purchase items from other individual estate sales, leading to people searching for what they need. This can be detrimental to the seller though, as some of your items may not get as much attention as you want. However, an ongoing process can be beneficial over a short-term in-person estate sale.

All-in-all, an estate sale is a great asset to liquidate your belongings and downsize into a smaller home. Many senior relocation companies will provide this service to you, but without one, you will lose out on other benefits. These other benefits include packing/unpacking and setup.

For any questions about an online estate sale or for more info on senior relocation companies, call Golden Years Relocation today!

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